Monday, December 21, 2009

NeXpose vs Nessus

I've used Nessus for years. I only recently heard of NeXpose after Rapid7 started funding Metasploit and promised to integrate their scanner with Metasploit. I decided to give NeXpose a whirl. The learning curve wasn't steep when using the scanner.
Scanned the same target machine with Nessus.
The 2 scanners produce the same result but I always believe in the need to use multiple tools to assess vulnerabilities in infrastructures, networks, systems and applications to uncover the full state of insecurity.


  1. Is nexpose free? i like this nexpose because scheduling is also there

  2. The community version is free.

  3. what's the cost for a consultant (auditor) license, unlimited IP?

  4. Please check with the vendor. I am not from their sales team.