Wednesday, December 23, 2009

File recovery

Ever deleted a file by accident? Well... you don't need to be a forensics guru to reclaim the deleted file.
From the genuises who created, CCleaner, comes Recuva... a portable tool that you can copy to a flash drive and insert into any machine to recover lost files. This is ideal compared to installing recovery tools as it reduces the risk of accidentally writing over files that you wish to repossess.
In my demo, my "Recycle Bin" is emptied. I launch Recuva Portable and initiate a scan of my local drive. It displays a deleted file for restoration. Upon recovery, I am able to view my original data.

You need administrative access to the target system in order to scan for deleted files. On the flip side, this exercise shows how rudimentary it is to recover files and thus you need to protect your privacy by wiping files that you no longer need. Eraser is the solution for you.

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