Thursday, September 17, 2009

For the paranoid

I wrote a new script for the paranoid. This script will wipe your memory, swap and free space on your Ubuntu system. Please note that this is a time consuming process.

echo "\033[0;34mProceeding to wipe your memory, swap and free space. Please be warned that this is time consuming and may take hours.\033[0m"
echo "\033[0;31mWiping memory.\033[0m"
sudo smem -lv
echo "\033[0;32mMemory wiped.\033[0m"
echo "\033[0;31mWiping swap.\033[0m"
#Please run "cat /proc/swaps" to determine your mounted swap devices and customise the following line for your machine.
sudo swapoff /dev/sda5
sudo sswap -llv /dev/sda5
sudo swapon /dev/sda5
echo "\033[0;32mSwap wiped.\033[0m"
echo "\033[0;31mWiping free space.\033[0m"
sudo sfill -llv /home/
echo "\033[0;32mFree space wiped.\033[0m"

#"ubuntuparanoia" written by commandrine.
#Please send comments and queries to commandrine[at]gmail[dot]com.
#Version 1.0 dated 16th Sept 2009.
#Pre-requisite is having "secure-delete" installed. Install it using "sudo apt-get install secure-delete".
#Save this script to your home folder. Run "sudo chmod +x" to make it executable.

Download it here.

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