Saturday, January 10, 2009


Almost everyone I know deploy wireless networks at home and I'm not surprised because wireless is convenient. What wasn't explained to them by vendors is that wireless is less secure and reliable as compared to wired connections.
Reliability isn't high on the list of priorities for home users but security should be. I just found out what the difference between TKIP and AES encryption options was. TKIP was offered as a short-term solution to improve upon the weak security offered by WEP. AES is the more robust and preferred choice. However, older hardware may not offer AES because it requires more resources for cryptographic computations thus some vendors make their equipment backward compatible with TKIP.
Utilise AES when using either WPA or WPA2 in your environment. However, AES is not supported by all hardware and users might still be forced to rely on TKIP. In light of hardware limitations, the workaround solution is to lower TKIP renewal timings to any value lower than 120 seconds.

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