Thursday, February 16, 2017

sslyze batch

I have always been about efficiency and decided to script my "sslyze" scans. Simple batch file below.

@echo off

set today=!date:/=-!
set now=!time::=-!

@echo SSLYZE scanning in progress... please be patient...
@echo off
cd \sslyze1-0-0
sslyze.exe --regular --targets_in=targets.txt > sslyze-!today!_!now!.txt

start "" "sslyze-!today!_!now!.txt"

#Please edit "targets.txt" in SSLYZE folder.
#Results will be stored in SSLYZE folder.
#Written by commandrine.
#Last updated on 15 Feb 2017.

Remember to create a file "targets.txt" in your sslyze folder and populate it with the hostnames/IPs you want to test.

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